Thursday, January 8, 2015

Soon be moving my source code to GitHub

Hi Everyone,

NSE EOD Data Downloader was built out of my frustration of not getting valid free stock price data at the tip of my hands, and sharing this project has only made lives easier for people like me who are interested in analyzing stock price data.

I have noticed a lot of source code downloads and I only feel content that a lot of you might have build their own hacks out of this project. If you too believe in sharing your work then do submit your hacks or bug fixes so that we can make this software better.

I will soon be moving my source code repository to GitHub. GitHub is a great platform where you can share your work with me. So the next time if you are looking forward to build something crazy out of this project, just fork it from GitHub.

Link to the github repository is

Happy Hacking !!!

Rohit Jhunjhunwala