Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Latest issue with indices downloading

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for notifying me about the current issue with the downloader. I was on vacation celebrating my graduation ceremony and hence was not able to address the issue on time. I will get back to work and update the software and let everyone know as soon as possible. I do apologize for the inconvenience it has been all along.

Special Thanks To,

Wannabe Bull and HotStockDesk have posted solutions on the blog for advanced users. Please follow the instructions as mentioned here . Please note that your old settings will be erased. It is recommended to go to config and update your settings once again.
I will soon be enhancing the application so that in the near future I can silently publish the changes in NSE links so that users don't face the problem again.



  1. I am thankful to you for developing the fantastic utility and taking care of it. Thanks and best regards

  2. pls rohit try to rectify it as soon as possible. there were also an issue with latest version when selecting more than 1 segment (eod and future) they are downloaded in same folder . i have to separately download eod and future with change in configurationseparately for eod and future. pls also if u can rectify other bugs. any way congrat for ur graduation. hope u do well and enjoy ur vacation. god will be always with u as u help us

  3. Hi Rohit,

    Congratulations on your graduation and god bless you. Thank for providing us such wonderful tool.


  4. again i am not able to download bhav copy